Prep School Graduates Accused Of Drug Trafficking

Two graduates of an exclusive Pennsylvania prep school were charged with operating an extensive drug ring that dealt cocaine and marijuana to students at high schools and colleges in an affluent part of Philadelphia, authorities said on Tuesday.’
These two young men reportedly led the effort to create a “monopoly” on drug sales in the area and used high school students to deal drugs at their local schools. They are being accused of using the schools to create drug addicts and using their privileged connections to move the drugs through the suburban neighborhoods.

It is being reported that the young men referred to the drug network as the “main line take over project” which employed students from five of the local high schools and three colleges, to distribute cocaine, marijuana, hash oil and ecstasy. It is also being reported that the two young men, the leaders of the operation, expected the “sub-dealers” to meet quotas at the schools they were assigned to sell to.

Investigators reportedly discovered text messages and other communications in which the young men discussed the business. Other evidence such as guns, large sums of cash and drugs were also discovered when the two were finally arrested.

Drug trafficking or possessions of narcotics for sale is a very serious felony under any circumstance. But, what makes this particular situation potentially more serious is the sophistication with which the two men ran the operation. Further, they employed high school kids in affluent areas to help grow their business.

The fact that these men probably have no prior history or criminal record will help them but, the seriousness of the crime and how it was carried out, make it a complicated defense and will require at attorney with extensive criminal defense experience, specifically in defending drug charges.

The defense team in this situation will need to dig into the personal lives of these two and try to determine at which point their lives shifted from being students and lacrosse players at a college prep high school, to drug dealers. Looking for “triggers” that may have started this may help in their defense. Also, painting a picture to the district attorney and judge of who these men were prior to this will also play an important role in their defense. Forcing the prosecution to get to know the person(s) other than the individuals now being charged with drug sales. When a case comes to the District Attorney, they see the “criminal” and what they have done or are being accused of doing. They know nothing else about this person so it is important for the defense attorney to help the prosecution get to know the other person and not just the “criminal”. Helping the court to realize that these individuals are people who will benefit from drug programs and counseling rather than jail or prison. That allowing them to enter drug/counseling treatment will not only benefit these individuals, but it will benefit the taxpayers and the general public also. When you have a situation like this, where the family may be able to provide the resources to help them, rather than taxpayers footing the bill for jail or prison, it is a win-win situation for all.