Westminster attempted burglary ends in 3 suspects being arrested on suspicion of burglary.

After a neighbor noticed suspicious activity at a neighbor’s house, police were called regarding a possible burglary. The Westminster Police arrived just as a car with four suspects in it drove off. The police officers chased the car, which ended up crashing into a brick wall. Three suspects were caught and arrested on suspicion of burglary. Westminster Police are still looking for the fourth suspect.

A charge of burglary can be filed as a misdemeanor burglary or felony burglary depending upon the circumstance of the burglary and the criminal history of the person being charged with burglary. A conviction of felony burglary can result in up to 6 years in California State Prison.

Possible defenses to burglary are consent, lack of intent or intoxication. If the suspect’s attorney can show that his client was so intoxicated he could not form the intent to steal prior to entry into the house, the defendant may be acquitted.

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