Orange County California Man Convicted of Multiple Molestations

A Santa Ana youth coach who was convicted of molesting three boys over a two year period of time faces possible life in prison. The youth coach was found guilty of nine counts of lewd acts with a minor, four counts of showing pornography to a minor and one count of attempted lewd acts on a child under 14, and possession of child pornography. This coach met the boys while coaching them on different sports teams. He would befriend their parents first and then gain favor with the boys by bringing them gifts. The youth coach admitted to molesting one victim but denied the others in an attempt to avoid a life sentence.

A conviction of multiple molestations carries sentencing enhancements which calls for a life sentence.

Child molestation defense requires a qualified Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney, experienced in sex crimes and familiar with the court in which the case will be heard. These cases often come down to who the judge or jury believes. An experienced Irvine Criminal Defense Attorney defending a person charged with child molestation will know when, and if, it becomes necessary to use psychologists, character witnesses or other tools to achieve the best outcome for his client.

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