Tustin Pot Grower Busted in Orange County Raid

A Tustin couple were arrested yesterday for possessing over 100 marijuana plants after an anonymous tip led police to their home. Police found a grow room, with over 100 plants, lights, and irrigation system in place.

The police said when they went to the house they could smell marijuana. They also found some firearms inside and what looked like a bomb.

Several issues jump out on this story. First, the police said they smelled marijuana. An Orange County defense lawyer will want to examine the location of the plants to see if they could have given off an odor detectible by someone. It’s possible that the police used dogs to alert upon the scent of the plants, but either way, it will be an issue to litigate in court.

Another question is whether the suspects were growing for a marijuana/pot cooperative. It’s likely that the charges will be filed in Santa Ana Superior Court as felonies.

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