Conviction In Strangulation Murder of Orange County Woman

Over twenty years after the strangulation of an Orange County woman by her alarm clock cord, Wendell Lemond was convicted of murder. On August 5, 1985, Lemond went into the then 20-year-old, Catherine Tameny’s apartment and strangled her and tied her two year old son up with electrical tape. The motive was unclear but authorities think there might have been a sexual assault or rape before the killing. The suspect was unknown at the time, but through DNA evidence, Lemond was found to be the suspect and was arrested in July 2007. Lemond likely faces 25 years for the murder he committed.

DNA evidence has just recently began appearing in courtrooms. Over the last 20 years, the forensic science field has grown tremendously and DNA evidence has been a huge tool used to solve unsolved murder cases. It is a testament to the importance of the field that DNA collected from the body of the victim 24 years ago was able to be tested and the suspect was found, charged and convicted.

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