Three California Men Arrested In Connection With 6 Illegal Drugs

After receiving several complaints regarding a house in Placentia that was allegedly tied to illegal drug activity, police arranged a stakeout on Finnell Way and Alta Vista Street this week. Officers observed a Lexus with two men inside of it, pull up to the house and a man come out of the house. Police observed Kyle Robert Snowden emerging from his house with something in his hand. He then handed something to the passengers of the Lexus, Ricardo Francisco Ramos and Donald Joseph Smith. Police stopped the passengers of the car and searched them. Police found heroin on Smith so they arrested him. They cited Ramos with loitering with the intent to engage in drug-related activities, but did not arrest him.

Police then searched Kyle Robert Snowden and found heroin, prescription pills and cocaine on his person. They arrested him and took him to jail. After searching the residence of Snowden, they found psilocybin (the active ingredient in illegal hallucinogenic mushrooms), marijuana, heroin and ecstasy on Snowden’s roommate, Gregory Bryce Slatic and he was also arrested.

All three men were charged with possession of a controlled substance and all three pled not guilty. Whether you live in Tustin, Santa Ana or Fullerton, if you are charged with drug crimes, call an experienced criminal defense attorney to assist you in fighting your charges or lowering your sentence.

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