Irvine Gym Lockers Burglarized by California Man

Dan Berrey Harkey was arrested this week for breaking into two lockers at a 24-Hour Fitness gym in Irvine. He attempted to rummage through a third locker, but a witness confronted Harkey, so he took off with the cash that he had found in the other two lockers, about $180. He got away before police arrived, but witnesses had seen his license plate. After investigators found out where Harkey lived, they arrested him on suspicion of burglary and possession of burglary tools. He was using bolt cutters and a pry bar to break into the lockers.

Burglary is the entering of a structure with the intent to commit a felony. Here, since Harkey brought burglary tools into the gym, it is clear that he had the intent to commit a burglary. If Harkey is convicted of this burglary charge, it can count as a strike on his criminal record. Whether you live in Santa Ana, Mission Viejo or Anaheim, if you are charged with burglary, call an experienced criminal defense attorney to assist you.

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