Southern California Criminal Arrests At Popular Beaches

There are some who believe that as the weather warms up, there is an increase in criminal behavior. This however may be due to the increase in the number of interactions that people have with one another during the warmer months. Warmer weather can bring together potential wrongdoers, victims, and belongings all in the same place.

Southern California, with its beaches and warm weather, is a very popular vacation destination. Even for those who live in Southern California, the beaches become a popular place for people to hang out and party during the summer months. Orange County California is especially known for this due to the beautiful beaches and Orange County attractions.

Orange County law enforcement agencies are very well aware of this and employ officers specifically to watch the beach communities, making sure that things don’t get too out of control. They will be busy writing tickets and making arrests for disturbing the peace, drunk in public and disorderly conduct throughout the summer.

In 2011, a new law was approved that made loud or unruly gatherings a crime, which can result in fines up to $3,000.00. This will apply to property owners where such behavior is taking place.

Many law enforcement agencies plan for summer months by adding more law enforcement presence to help with the increase of people and activity along the beaches. In some areas, the agencies have all-terrain vehicles, which patrol the beaches.

There are some experts who believe that there is an increase in violent crimes when the temperature is very hot. They believe that there is an increase in street violence, muggings, assaults and battery. Although they believe that it’s not just the temperature that influences the increase in crime, it is the combination of temperature and people getting out of their homes and interacting with one another.

Summer break from school and college is another possible reason for the increase in violent crime. Some experts believe that juveniles are move likely to commit crime, in general, and thus, when they are not in school, they get into trouble. It has further been shown that homicides in Los Angeles are the highest during the summer months of July and August but are almost as high during December and January.

Whatever the reason, law enforcement does provide extra resources in these high crime areas as well as efforts to shorten response time to calls for service.

Theft is another crime that seems to be more prevalent during the summer months. People begin to bring out and leave out valuables such as bicycles, lawn furniture, etc. This creates, and even invites more opportunities for criminals to commit theft.

Whether it’s the heat, the vacation mind-set or the interaction between people that influences the spike in crime, be aware that law enforcement are out there, watching and waiting. So, if the Southern California beach partying scene results in an arrest, be sure to contact an attorney who is experienced in criminal defense to ensure the best possible outcome.