South Orange County Robbers Get More Than They Bargained For

Three Orange County teenage robbers, looking to get high or cook methamphetamine, punched a Target security guard in the face in order to make their getaway in a stolen BMW. Cold medicine is frequently used in manufacturing methamphetamine. Due to increase drug abuse and drug related crimes, California state law requires proof of identity in order to purchase certain types of cold medicine in bulk. Thieves have taken to stealing boxes of them and rushing out of stores, hoping to evade capture.

Frequently, the district attorney will file manufacturing charges against people arrested in these circumstances. However, there are laws dealing with the “precursor” crimes, such as possessing materials used in the manufacture of methamphetamine, which carries a shorter jail term.

Unfortunately, these three suspects, if caught, will be prosecuted under a variety of offenses, including robbery, assault, battery, burglary and grand theft auto and could face upwards of ten years in state prison.

If any of them has a history drug addiction a qualified Orange County criminal defense attorney would determine if they were eligible for a rehabilitation program in lieu of state prison, with a suspended sentence.

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