Santa Ana Samaritan Suffers Stab Wounds In Effort to Stop Taggers

Nothing signals the decline of a community like the presence of gang members and graffiti, or “tagging” on walls, signs, poles, etc. It is always tempting to do something to stop this destruction but a Santa Ana, California man found out the hard way that getting physically involved carries a price tag.

The man, whose name wasn’t released, was beaten and stabbed after yelling at some gang members who were tagging a wall. They came after him. They surrounded him, kicking, punching and stabbing him. He’s lucky to be alive.

Regrettably, this will send a message to the community not to intervene. Vandalism is a criminal charge usually filed as a misdemeanor. In aggravated cases the Orange County District Attorney will file felony charges. Typically, offenders are given fines and community service. Jail time is rarely meted out.

Criminal vandalism in Orange County has been on the rise in recent years. Various Orange County law enforcement agencies have tried to tackle this problem. But the solutions will always start with families. Raising children means paying attention. Sadly, the victim of this crime will likely keep his mouth shut the next time he sees taggers at work. While I condemn vandalism, not everyone charged with vandalism is a gang member and should be treated as an individual. A qualified Orange County criminal attorney can properly represent someone charged with vandalism.

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