Sleeping Irvine Man Found With Drugs in Car

On Saturday, Irvine police noticed a man parked by UCI, sleeping in a running car. The individual was woken up and the car was searched. Inside the car was about 200 ecstasy pills and 2.5 gallons of GHB or liquid ecstasy. GHB is also known to be a date rape drug. He was immediately arrested for possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell. His Irvine house was then searched and police found another gallon of GHB as well as illegal steroids.

GHB effects include intoxication, happiness, desire to socialize and muscle relaxation. It is scary to think that this man had date rape drugs near a university. Hopefully, he was not selling it to students at the campus. Since he was charged with possession with intent to sell, he will need to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to help him through the legal process.

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