Anaheim Parents Criminally Charged with Child Abuse

Besides just binding their kids hands and legs together for hours at a time, Kimberly and John Quebe also locked their children in their rooms for hours and verbally abused their children by calling them degrading names. In July of 2008, when the 15 year-old and the 11 year-old kids were at the pool, someone noticed marks on their arms and legs and called authorities. Kimberly and John were charged and pled guilty to two felony counts of false imprisonment, two counts of child abuse, and two counts of corporal injury on a child with great bodily injury. They are facing 12 years and 8 months in prison for their actions.

Child abuse can take several forms. Parents can neglect their children, physically abuse them, sexually abuse them or psychologically abuse them. Child abuse leads to developmental problems, depression, anxiety and acting out.

Whether you live in Anaheim, Huntington Beach or Santa Ana, alleged child abusers need an experienced attorney to assist them through the legal process.

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