Orange County Woman Found Guilty of Transporting Pot

A 63 year old Fountain Valley woman faces a maximum of four years in State Prison for transportation of marijuana. She and her 42 year old son were arrested in Nebraska and found guilty of being in possession of 66 pounds of marijuana with the intent to deliver.

In California, it is a felony to sell, transport or distribute marijuana. The penalties are much less if the amount being transported, or given away is less than an ounce. In the case of less than an ounce, it is a misdemeanor. However, possession of marijuana with the intent to sell is always a felony regardless of the amount that is being sold.

If you have been arrested and/or charged with a marijuana charge, you should seek the advice of an experienced Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney specializing in these types of matters. Being charged with Felony Possession of Marijuana is a serious charge. However, a good criminal defense attorney will act aggressively prior to the case actually being filed in an attempt to stop the case from ever being filed. Your attorney should be familiar with all of the Orange County Courts, as well as the District Attorneys who work out of these courts.

In a situation where someone is found with a large sum of marijuana, an experienced attorney will look closely at the circumstances under which the marijuana was found. In other words, looking for possible legal defenses such as illegal search and seizure, police misconduct and the like. There are defenses to charges of Possession for Sales and Distribution, the key is finding an Orange County Defense Attorney , experienced in marijuana cases to achieve the best possible outcome.

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