Orange County Man Charged with 127 Sex Crimes

Joshua David Threlkeld has been charged with around 127 counts of sex crimes against minors. Threlkeld would pose as a 14 year-old-girl, “Sara Miller”, on Myspace and ask other minors for nude pictures. “Sara Miller” would claim that he wanted the pictures to recruit models for her friend Josh who was a photographer in Orange County. Over 80 victims from ages 11-17 sent in their nude pictures and some actually came to Orange County to be photographed. One of the girls who came to Orange County said she was paid to have sex with Threlkeld.

Threlkeld was arrested in May after a parent complained to police about the Myspace incident. After obtaining Threlkeld’s computer, police founds files of photographs and discovered other victims. Some of the victims contacted were from as far away as the U.K. Police also obtained the Myspace records and plan to prosecute Threlkeld for every attempt at getting nude photographs.

With over 127 charges, Threlkeld faces multiple life sentences for his actions. Even though most of these girls were not physically assaulted, creating or owning child pornography is against the law. Whether you live in Santa Ana, Fullerton or Villa Park, if you have been charged with sex crimes, call an experienced criminal defense attorney right away.

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