More than 800 Pounds of Marijuana Found in SUV in Mission Viejo

This week, agents noticed an SUV driving on the I-5 Freeway that was not handling well, so they followed the car for about 20 minutes. They developed reasonable suspicion that something was wrong, and stopped the car. After speaking with the driver, they saw several bundles of marijuana inside the vehicle. The driver, an illegal immigrant, was arrested immediately. Drug Enforcement Agents searched the car and found about 30 bundles of marijuana weighing about 839 pounds, inside the vehicle. The estimated street value if those drugs had been sold would have been about $500,000.

Possession of marijuana
with the intent to sell is a serious crime. Often, the drivers have no plan to sell the drugs and are often just making a delivery for someone else. Unfortunately for this driver, if he is convicted of this crime, he is likely facing a long time in prison. A good defense attorney may be able to argue that the search was illegal by questioning officers about the purpose of the traffic stop. If the search was unlawful, the fruits of the search (the drugs) would not be admissible in trial as evidence and charges would likely be dropped.

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