Marijuana Plants Found Growing in Orange County California

A grove of marijuana plants was found a few weeks ago by Orange County Parks Personnel, which they believe had been growing for quite some time. The grove was discovered very close to a “really nice residential area”, which is unusual, especially a grove this large.

According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, approximately 2,500 to 4,000 plants were discovered in the Canyon area of the Laguna Wilderness Park and may be worth around $5 million. The plants are reported to be in various stages of growth and it seems clear that the grove has been there, unnoticed by residences and OC Parks Personnel, for a while. Although the plants were discovered outside of city limits, residence are shocked that anyone or any group, would be so brazen as to cultivate such a large grove of marijuana in such a visible area. They are equally as shocked that it went unnoticed long enough to grow so large.

On August 15, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department began a marijuana cultivation eradication operation, which will consist of narcotics investigators hiking into the area, which is apparently very rugged, in order to pull up the plants manually. The Sheriff’s Department has also enlisted the help of an airship to lift the plants and carry them to a area nearby where they will be processed as evidence.

The Sheriff’s Department news release indicated that they do not have any suspect information but are obviously investigating all evidence and asking for the public’s help with any information on the individual or individuals involved.

The laws are very strict when it comes to cultivation, transportation and use of marijuana for medical purposes. There are strict guidelines as to how many plants you can have, even if you have a license to grow marijuana. Due to the large number of plants in this situation, it does not appear that this marijuana grove was planted, legally, for medical purposes and therefore, the individuals involved, if caught, will face very serious felony charges.

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