Disgruntled Santa Ana Worker Convicted of Execution-Style Murder

Manuel Gonzalez Melgoza was sentenced to 50 years to life in prison for the execution-style murder of Israel Quiros. Melgoza worked at a landscaping company in 2006. He then got demoted and ultimately fired. Quiros was hired to replace Melgoza and he was so upset that he shot Quiros in the shoulder twice and then put the gun to the back of Quiros’ head and fired.

The defense argued that Quiros was actually following and harassing Melgoza so Melgoza shot Quiros in self defense. The jury found Melgoza guilty though, for first degree murder with a sentencing enhancement for using a gun.

This is a horrific crime and is not a way to solve jealousy issues, however, these days, jobs are very hard to come by and it is likely that Melgoza was upset with the loss of his job and unpaid bills and felt that this was a way to get back at the company.

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