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There is no functional difference between temporary and permanent insanity under California law. The sole issue in California is the status of the defendant’s sanity at the time of the crime. The method of determining a defendant’s sanity is the two pronged M’Naghten rule.

1) The first prong requires a defendant to understand the nature and quality of his or her act.

2) The second prong requires the defendant to be able to distinguish between right and wrong.

A defendant who cannot satisfy both of these prongs is statutorily insane.

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Two unfortunate men standing on a street corner in Santa Ana the other day, were accosted by two suspected gang members who robbed and stabbed them.

According to the victims, a dark SUV pulled up and the passenger said, “where are you from”, a well-known prelude to an attack, called a “hit up”. If the two suspects are caught, they will be facing life in prison for attempted murder, robbery as well as multiple gang enhancements.

The two suspects will need an experienced Orange County criminal defense attorney to assist them in avoiding the worst consequences. Whether the robbery occurred in Tustin, Irvine, Newport Beach, Santa Ana or Westminster, the defendant will need a good Orange County criminal defense lawyer to assist him.

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In February of 2008, Steven Walter Robinson went to the AMC theater in Fullerton. He tried to bring alcohol into the theater, but was turned away. He then snuck back into the theater and went to see the horror movie “The Signal.” During the movie, two moviegoers came running out of the theater covered in blood. Julio Sanchez said he was watching the movie when Robinson jumped out of his seat and attacked him. He was stabbed three times in the arm, chest, knee and head. Robinson then went after Eloy Uresti by slashing him in the arm and hitting him in the head with a hammer.

Robinson escaped through the side exist of the theater and went to Las Vegas to hide at his brother’s house. He was found in March and then was extradited to Orange County. He was charged with two counts of attempted murder and two counts of mayhem. His defense attorney said that he did the crimes but he was so intoxicated and under the influence of mushrooms that he had no intent to kill. This week, Robinson was found guilty of those charges and will be sentenced in December. He could potentially face a life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Whether you live in Newport Beach, Laguna Woods or Brea, if you are charged with murder, call an experienced criminal defense attorney to assist you.

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Thuy Le called 911 on Wednesday morning, claiming that she stabbed her 5-year-old and 3-year-old daughter and herself. She was staying at her cousin’s house in Westminster that night. Le’s cousin’s children noticed the living room covered in blood when they woke up and told their parents. Le was seen cradling one of her daughters after the 911 call had been made. Pham, Le’s cousin, said she had not been herself lately. She was stressed with her failed marriage and her failing business and suddenly became very religious. After police arrived, they arrested Le on suspicion of two attempted murders. The children are still in the hospital but are expected to survive.

The children must have been so scared to see their mother stabbing them. Clearly, Le was not mentally stable at the time she committed these heinous acts. Attempted murder is a serious charge and Le will need an experienced attorney to assist her in court. If Le claims she is guilty by reason of insanity, she will have to spend the rest of her life in a mental facility. Whether you live in Tustin, Fullerton or Laguna Beach, if you are charged with murder or attempted murder, you will need an experienced criminal defense attorney to assist you.

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