Santa Ana Murders – Charles Murphy Arraigned

So the suspected third killer , Charles Murphy, will be arraigned on capital murder charges in the killing of two members of an Anaheim Hills family.

Back on May 21, firefighters discovered Leela Dhanak unconscious, outside her home. Her home had been set on fire.Later that day police discovered two dead bodies, both burned, near a bike trail in Irvine. They were the sister and father of Leela.

Now Murphy’s lawyer is telling the press that his client is innocent and he expects the charges to be dismissed. What possesses a lawyer to make statements like these mystifies me. If he’s proven wrong, shouldn’t he be held accountable? Let’s hope he hasn’t put his reputation on the line for nothing.

Of course that didn’t stop Michael Vick from loudly proclaiming his innocence just a few weeks ago. The quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons football team will shortly plead guilty to a host of charges surrounding his dog fighting/murdering operation. All of his friends have cut deals and are pointing fingers at him. His lawyer figured discretion to be the better part of valor and worked out a disposition. But Vick’s proclamations really tied his lawyer’s hands and probably cost Vick his freedom and football career.

There’s a lesson here: don’t run your mouth unless you’ve got the game to back it up. The temptation of the microphone has buried many a lawyer and defendant over the years.