Santa Ana Men Stabbed For Stopping Taggers

Nicolas Alex Duran, Alejandro Justin Duran and a 16-year-old boy were all arrested this week for allegedly stabbing a man twice in the stomach after the man tried to stop the 3 gang members from tagging a wall. After the victim yelled for them to stop tagging, the three suspects kicked, punched and stabbed him, likely because they thought he was going to report them to authorities. They will all be charged with assault with a deadly weapon and if convicted, will face between 3 and 12 years in prison.

A violent felony will count as a strike on your record. If you get three strikes, you are sentenced to life in prison. Since these suspects were in a gang, they may get a sentencing enhancement if they were assaulting the victim in furtherance of the gang. Additionally, if they were actually tagging the wall, they will face more time in prison.

Whether you live in Irvine, Fullerton or Huntington Beach, if you are charged with assault with a deadly weapon, call an experienced criminal defense attorney to help you fight your charges and help lower your sentence.

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