Ramifications of Leaving Pets in the Car in Orange County

An Orange County Register writer reported finding a dog locked in a car with the windows shut on a hot summer day in the city of Orange. The writer knew that the dog was very uncomfortable since he kept barking, so she called the police. She then went into the store and told the store manager to page all of the customers and tell them that there was a dog locked in a hot car. The writer later found out that the pet owner had just received a warning from the police, since the dog was not in distress. If the animal had been in distress, the pet owner would have been charged with animal cruelty under California Penal Code Section 597a.

Like kids, pets should not be left in the car whether you live in Newport Beach, Anaheim or Garden Grove. We forget that dogs and cats have a thick fur coat that keeps them very warm at all times. With a closed car and 90 degree heat, animals are very uncomfortable and can become extremely ill or even die. Even if you are running a quick errand, take your pet out of the car or leave it at home. If you do accidentally leave your pet in the car and get charged with animal cruelty, an experienced criminal defense attorney can help you.

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