Police arrest suspect in Moreno Valley Robbery

A man suspected in a rash of bank robberies in Moreno Valley, Corona, Riverside and Norco was arrested last week by Moreno Valley police. According to The Press Enterprise, the FBI has been working on the case with police in Riverside and Corona–as well as Riverside County sheriff’s deputies in Norco and Moreno Valley–to track the robber down.

The robber was nicknamed the “neck brace bandit” because the bank robber who entered the banks wore a neck brace, a floppy hat and a bandage over his nose, and handed over a note demanding cash and threatened tellers and customers. The Neck Brace Bandit was seen last driving an older Mercedes with black chrome rims.

This week, Moreno Valley police stopped a Mercedes that matched that description for a traffic infraction and arrested the driver on suspicions he was involved in one of the robberies. Police said they found evidence related to the robberies — but not a neck brace — at the driver’s home.

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