Orange County “Special Officer” Shoots At Car Driving Away

I am always impressed when the laws of physics are turned on their ear. But when it’s combined with a lot of verbal hoohah, I am doubly so.

Consider this story out of Santa Ana, California. A “special officer” with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department got into an altercationwith another motorist. As the other car was driving away, the “special officer” pulled out his gun and fired at the fleeing vehicle. Where are we? Pecos, Texas? Come on!

So……the Sheriff’s department mouthpiece had the cojones to say that the FLEEING car was firing at the “special officer”. That is special. I look forward to seeing all the casings from the bullets fired at the Sheriff’s deputy. As if Orange County needs another story like this about law enforcement.

The law is clear here (except if you’re a “special officer”. If you shoot a gun at someone after they anger you because you didn’t like their driving style? That’s a felony, folks. Ain’t no doubt about it. Recklessly discharging a firearm is a felony and carries the possibility of state prison time. The District Attorney better investigate this. They’ve filed Attempt Murder charges against people for conduct like this. A possible defense is self defense. If the other person threatened this officer and had displayed weapons, he may argue that he was just defending himself. Gun charges are serious, especially when paired with attempt murder charges.

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