Los Angeles Reality Star Gets Restraining Order Against Stalker

Zachory Loring, 24, is prohibited from going within 100 yards of Audrina Patridge. Patridge is best known for her role on the reality show “The Hills” as well as being on magazines and in commercials. Last month, Loring went to Patridge’s house and declared that he was a fan. He gave her poems and notes that he wrote for her and handed her a drawing that had a woman being strangled. On two other occasions, Loring was found loitering on her property. Eventually, Patridge got scared and called police to escort him away from the property. This week, she received a temporary restraining order against him and will go back to court for a permanent order, because she believes she is being stalked by Loring.

Stalking is the act of repeatedly following someone and making threats against that person. In this case, Loring waited by Patridge’s house for her several times and once gave her a drawing that she felt was a threat against her. If Loring is charged with stalking, he may face prison time. Whether you live in Orange, Brea or Laguna Niguel, if you are charged with stalking, call an experienced criminal defense attorney to assist you.

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