Life in Prison for Throat Slasher in Orange County

Javier Colon, convicted of first-degree murder in the throat-slashing death of his girlfriend, was sentenced to 25 to life last week.

Janelle Peralta was forced into their Irvine, California bathroom after an argument escalated into violence between the two. Colon had dropped their one-year old baby and the victim tried to save their child by running out of the apartment. She was ultimately forced into the bathroom and slashed and choked by Colon, who had slashed his own wrists and body dozens of times. Colon survived his own wounds but Peralta died. He was arrested and charged with Murder.

It is difficult to imagine the powerful grip of mental illness that could cause a person to perform these deeds on another person. I would guess that his lawyer tried to assert a mental defense, such as insanity, though it apparently didn’t sway a jury in his favor.

Colon will likely spend the rest of his life in prison, since only a fraction of people serving 25 to-life ever are actually paroled.

To qualify for the death penalty instead of just life in prison without the possibility of parole, special circumstances need to be present. Some special circumstances include felony murder, murdering a peace officer, prosecutor or judge or multiple murders, among others. If you are convicted of murder with special circumstances, you will be on Death Row for years before being executed. If you are sentenced to murder without special circumstances, you will have to spend your life in prison. Whether you live in Santa Ana, Irvine or Newport Beach, if you are charged with murder, call an experienced murder defense attorney right away to assist you.

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