Irvine California Woman Charged with Animal Abuse

While this isn’t widely reported, animal neglect and abuse is not uncommon. It’s very hard to police, though. In this case, the animal was brought to a shelter after a witness to its condition rescued it. What makes this story unique is that the defendant was an employee of…wait for it…. an animal shelter.

The owner of the shelter is going to keep paying her, saying he doesn’t want to abandon her family like she did the dog. Nice guy. Orange County prosecutors usually charge these cases as misdemeanors and try to get the defendants to clean up the house. Many of the defendants are hoarders, people who cannot get rid of things and keep a very dirty home. The filth extends to the companion animals kept in the home.

Animal cruelty is the infliction of injury or harm on an animal or the neglect of an animal. Animals are helpless creatures that often cannot fight off their attackers. If you are convicted of animal cruelty, you will likely go to jail, have to take anger management classes, pay restitution and be put on probation. Whether you live in Santa Ana, Laguna Niguel or Newport Beach, if you are charged with animal cruelty, call an experienced criminal defense attorney right away to assist you.

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