Fullerton Man Arrested for Bomb & Weapon Possession

William Eric Hamren called police earlier this week to report his stolen truck and bike. When Fullerton officers went to his house, Hamren ordered them off his property. Officers called for backup and Hamren was detained. A roommate told officers that Hamren had a gun in his room and Hamren said he had two safes in the garage. After searching the house, they found ammunition and pipebombs. Hamren was taken to St. Jude’s Medical Center for psychological evaluation. Apparently, while being questioned, he threatened to kill President Barack Obama. After being interviewed by the secret services, he was booked in an Orange County jail.

The combination of bombs, the threat to the President and Hamren’s psychological problems will make this a complicated legal matter. An experienced defense attorney will seek to have his client examined by a psychiatrist trained in forensic examinations to determine if the client does have psychological problems. If the defense attorney is successful in raising a mental defense to the charges the client may be admitted to a mental institution instead of going to prison. If you are charged with weapons charges, you will need an experienced criminal defense attorney to assist you.

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