Former Jailed Suspect Blames Bad Investigation and DA

Osiris Abenoja is bringing a claim against the DA’s office and Garden Grove Police for keeping him in jail for over three months while they figured out they had the wrong guy.

Abenoja was accused of robbing four banks in Anaheim, Garden Grove and Fullerton as the “Armed Clown Bandit”. DNA tests proved he wasn’t the bandit. The DA then asked a judge to release him. DNA has proven vital to criminal defense attorneys in freeing their clients over the last ten years or so.

A Huntington Beach resident, Abenoja is seeking damages in excess of $10,000. It’s likely the police and DA will deny the claim, setting the stage for a lawsuit. A good Orange County Criminal Attorney would seek to have the DNA results tested as soon as possible to see if a true match existed. Frequently, there are mixtures that can confuse the evaluator as to whether the suspect’s DNA is in the sample.

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