Costa Mesa Drycleaner Accused of Rape

Jaime Ramirez is looking at life in prison. As a registered violent sex predator. He’s not going to see the light of day if he is convicted of two aggravated rapes.

In the first one, Ramirez allegedly knocked on the door of a neighbor he knew, went inside and had a beer. Then he came back and raped her.

In the other case, Ramirez duped a co-worker into sending a new employee to his house to supposedly pick up some paperwork for her delivery route from Fountain Valley. He raped her, then threatened her with immigration if she spoke up. Nice.

The facts are the driving force in these cases. Without witnesses, the jury will rely on DNA evidence, corroborating evidence of force, such as bruising or other clinical evidence discovered by doctors and any statements made by the defendant. If a jury decides he did these crimes, he’ll be branded a Sexually Violent Predator and sent to prison for life.

Rape is a very serious crime that will always come with prison time. If the rape is with someone who is kidnapped, or moved from the original area of assault, the sentence will be increased due to their inability to fight back. A major defense to rape charges is consent. Consent has to be freely given though and can not be influenced by the threat of force. Whether you live in Orange, Mission Viejo or Fullerton, if you are charged with rape, call an experienced criminal defense attorney right away to assist you in preparing a defense.

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