California’s Station Fire Ruled an Arson

The Los Angeles Station Fire that started a couple of weeks ago, was just ruled to be an arson fire. Officers are looking for the arsonist who they think matches the profile of a typical arsonist: a while male between 15-25 years old who set the fire out of revenge. The Station Fire has burned about 230 square miles, burned down 60 homes and killed two firefighters. The California governor has authorized a $100,000 reward to any person that turns in the arsonist. Once this arsonist is caught, he will be charged with murder and arson and will likely face the death penalty.

Humans are the number one cause of fires in Southern California. In 2008, humans caused over 5,000 wildfires, which was the highest number in years. Arsonists are hard to catch though because they rarely come back to the scene of the crime and normally burn areas that are not commonly populated or recorded on surveillance cameras. Whether you live in Anaheim, Laguna Beach or Orange, if are charged with arson, you will need an experienced defense attorney to assist you.

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