California Man Charged with Stalking Ryan Seacrest

Chidi Benjamin Uzomah, Jr. was charged today with stalking radio personality, Ryan Seacrest. Last month, Uzomah attacked Seacrest’s bodyguard in an attempt to get inside the car with Seacrest. Uzomah had a knife at the time of the assault. After that incident, Seacrest obtained a temporary restraining order against Uzomah. Last week, Uzomah tried to find Seacrest at his workplace in the E! building on Wilshire. Doing this was a violation of the restraining order. A few weeks prior to that, he tried to find Seacrest at the radio station where Seacrest also works. Since Uzomah had violated his court order twice, he was arrested and has been charged with one felony count of stalking and two misdemeanor counts of violating a court order.

Often celebrity’s are stalked by obsessed fans that want to meet these stars.Stalking is the act of following someone repeatedly and making threats to that person’s safety. Punishments range from probation to prison time. Stalking is a serious crime because it often leads to physical violence or even death. Whether you live in Westminster, Lake Forest or Brea, if you are charged with stalking, call an experienced criminal defense attorney right away.

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