Orange County Rape Suspect Arrested After DNA Match

A 32 year old man from Ladera Ranch, Orange County California, was extradited from Austria after DNA matched him to a Tustin, Orange County California rape and a San Diego California rape, both which occurred in October of 2004.

Charges were filed against the Orange County man in 2004 but he fled the Country before he could be charged and the case went cold. In 2009, detectives with the Tustin Police Department began investigating the rape again in 2009 and submitted DNA from the Tustin rape to the International Crime Police Organization, or Interpol which lead to the arrest and extradition.

The former Orange County, California man is being charged with two felony counts of forcible rape, two felony counts of sexual penetration by foreign object by force and one felony count of aggravated assault with intent to commit a sexual offense. The DA’s office is also requesting sentencing enhancements for committing sexual crimes against more than one victim and causing great bodily injury to a victim. If convicted, this man could be facing 68 years to life in prison.

Sexual assault crimes are often assigned to aggressive prosecutors and police detectives. An experienced Orange County California Criminal Defense Attorney, specializing in sex crimes and rape will pursue an aggressive defense to a sex crimes case as soon as the accusation arises. Sex Crime cases involve unique aspects of California evidence law and therefore, in this case, an experienced Sex Crimes Attorney in Orange County, California is of paramount importance. A good criminal defense attorney will have experience in all Courts in Orange County, including Newport Beach, Santa Ana, Orange, Westminster and Fullerton.

It will be important to the defense of this case to have a skilled Orange County Sexual Defense Attorney who knows what needs to be done in each of these different types of charges. In defending felony sexual assault charges and to achieve the best possible result, a sexual assault defense attorney should have his own investigator re-interview all people involved. It may also be necessary and/or helpful to have a psychotherapist evaluate the accused. Sometimes these types of evaluations can be beneficial to the defense in a sex crime.

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