Maritime Drug Smuggling On the Rise In Orange County California

US Border Patrol is increasing their presence in Orange County California as drug smuggling has increased along the coastal cities. The Boarder Patrol station south of San Clemente held a meeting in Dana Point advising that maritime smuggling along the Orange County Coast has now become a source for illegal drugs to enter California. San Onofre State Beach is one that the Border Patrol is asking the public to watch as well as Dana Point Harbor, which is considered an optimum spot for smuggling.

Drug Trafficking, also known as Drug Smuggling and Narcotics Trafficking, is defined as the transportation of illegal drugs from one location to another. When illegal drugs are brought across state lines, this becomes a Federal crime.

Consequences for being convicted of narcotics trafficking are typically quite harsh. High fines and significant time in California State Prison is what a person convicted is facing. The penalties in California however, are dependent upon the kind of drug being smuggled, the amount and the criminal history of the alleged drug trafficker.

An experienced criminal defense attorney will be familiar with the various defenses available to someone who has been arrested for or charged with drug trafficking. A good drug trafficking defense lawyer should be challenging the search and seizure tactics used by the law enforcement, as well as the validity of search and arrest warrants that are based on electronic surveillance or wiretaps.

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