California Fashion Designer Sentenced in Sexual Assault Case

Anand Jon Alexander was convicted of 16 counts of rape and sexual assault and was sentenced to 59 years to life in prison for his acts. Alexander was a well known fashion designer in California and was well liked among celebrities. Alexander hired models (some who were under 18) for his fashion shows and then raped and assaulted them and other model hopefuls who he lured to his house.

Initially, the grand jury indicted Alexander of 59 counts, but the majority of the charges were dropped. Before sentencing, Alexander claimed he didn’t receive a fair trial because a juror contacted his sister, the prosecution withheld evidence and his attorneys were ineffective. Since he thought his lawyers were ineffective, he fired them and represented himself in court. Nevertheless, the judge still sentenced him to 59 years to life in state prison. He is awaiting similar rape and sexual assault charges in Texas and New York. If he is convicted of those, he will have more time tacked onto his sentence.

This sentence of 59 years to life seems very steep for rape charges. Although the article did not mention the details of the rapes, they must have been very heinous. In California, rape is a very serious crime that comes with steep penalties. Additionally, statutory rape or the rape of someone under 18, is an even more serious crime and was probably what cause Alexander to receive such a long sentence.

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