Ventura County Man crashes car into Playboy Mansion, twice

One Ventura County man seems determined to crash the party at the Playboy Mansion- literally. The Los Angeles Daily News reports that a man crashed his car into the gates of Hugh Hefner’s notorious party palace twice this past week. It is unclear whether Hefner or his three girlfriends were home during the incident, but Los Angeles police reported no injuries, only damage to the gates.

The suspect was arrested and released after the first crash last Thursday night, the police spokesperson said. He then slammed his car into the gates again Tuesday, but fled before police arrived on the scene. Police have not released the man’s name or what may have prompted the crashes, but it’s likely that he’s charged with a felony for his behavior. Comments about this post can be directed to Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney William Weinberg at (714) 834-1400.