Statistics Prove That Crime is Down in Orange County

Last week, the FBI released a survey that proved that in 2008, crimes in Orange County went down, especially violent crimes and property crimes. This dip in crimes is a nationwide trend with violent crimes down 1.9% and property crimes down 1%. Property and violent crime dipped in both Santa Ana, Anaheim and Irvine. In Santa Ana, however, murders and non-negligent manslaughters increased. The only crime that increased throughout Orange County was theft, which likely went up because of the tough economic times.

I think it is great that crime is down right now. This shows that people are being more educated on effects of crime and alternatives to crime. Normally, in tough economic times, people get desperate and commit crimes to get what they want. Unfortunately, homicides went up in Santa Ana, likely due to the heavy gang activity in Santa Ana. Now that these statistics are out, the county will know where to focus their attention in providing resources to those that may commit crimes.

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