Santa Ana Teacher Accused of Having Sex With Student

Naomi Perez was a teacher at Saddleback High School in Santa Ana while allegedly having an intimate relationship with one of her students over the summer. At the end of August, Perez and the student broke it off and allegedly Perez vandalized the student’s car. The student reported the vandalism which triggered an investigation that led to the accusations against Perez. She was charged with three felony counts of sex related crimes and a misdemeanor vandalism count. Since the accusations, Saddleback High School terminated her from her position. If she is convicted of these crimes, she faces around 4 years in prison.

Sex with a minor is always illegal, regardless if it is consensual or non-consensual. Lately, we have been hearing more stories about teachers sleeping with their children and most of us do not understand how this happens. The teacher may feel that since the student is initiating the relationship, it is legal, but it’s not, and it is their responsibility to make sure no relationship ever starts. A possible defense to a claim of child molestation/sexual assault is if the adult does not know the child’s real age and thinks they are over 18. In this case, since this student was still in high school, that defense will likely fail. Whether you live in Tustin, Villa Park or San Clemente, if you are charged with sex crimes, call an experienced criminal defense attorney to assist you.

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