Los Angeles Boy Beaten to Death

A week ago, the beaten body of a 6-year-old boy was found in his Los Angeles home. Dae’von Bailey was living with his mother’s ex-boyfriend, Marcas Fisher, who has an extensive criminal past. Bailey had reported being abused twice by Fisher in the months prior to his death. Social workers had come by the house to investigate, but no action was taken. Bailey had even told his teachers at school that he was being abused. He had tried to get attention and help from everyone he could, however no one helped him until it was too late. There is currently a murder arrest warrant out for Fisher, who police believe may have beaten the boy to death.

During the child abuse investigation, Fisher kept claiming that the injuries Bailey was complaining about were accidents he caused himself. If in fact Fisher did not cause these injuries, an experienced attorney needs to prove how these injuries were caused. Luckily for Fisher, he has a doctor on his side who said that the injuries did not look like child abuse. Also, social services came by the house twice but still allowed Bailey to stay with Fisher, which means that they did not find anything wrong. These are all key pieces of evidence that will help in Fisher’s defense.

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