Agents Seize $356,000 Worth of Methamphetamine in San Clemente

Earlier this week, U.S. Border Patrol Agents stopped a suspicious car that was driving in San Clemente. Agents suspected that the driver was carrying drugs, so after the driver allowed agents to look inside, a K-9 team alerted them to something inside the car. Agents found a black duffel bag containing 12 bundles of crystal methamphetamine weighing over 15 pounds. This amount of meth could have been sold on the street for $356,000. The drugs were seized and the man was arrested.

Border officials claim that crystal meth and other drug seizures have increased this year. Besides the tough economy that is driving people to get money any way they can, border patrol has also stepped up its patrol and caught more people carrying drugs. It is likely that the driver will be charged with possession of a controlled substance with the intent to sell. This charge comes with serious prison time. A good attorney may argue that the driver was not intending to sell the drugs. Often times, a driver is hired just to transport drugs from one location to another. These drivers will face less prison time than the person who is selling the drugs.

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